Judy Cook, Folksinger

Bill Hopkins' Colt

Author: trad

Source: Flanders/Margaret MacArthur. Flanders/Brown "Vermont Folk-songs and Ballads", 1931 p.39. Tune & first 2 stanzas recorded by Mr. Brown 8/20/30, in Grafton, VT from singing of Mr. George Howe who learned the song from his brother-in-law, Herbert Day of West Canaan, NH, who supplied rest of verses.

Notes: This song was collected from George Howe & Herbert Day by George Brown in Flanders & Brown?s Vermont Folk Songs & Ballads. Margaret MacArthur recorded it for Front Hall Records on Make the Wildwoods Ring. I was captured by hearing Rita Ferrara here in Maryland sing it. Hambletonian lived from 1849-76, American trotting horse, foaled at Chester, N.Y. Originally owned by Jonas Seely, Hambletonian was bought for little money by Bill Rysdyk and won few honors as a trotting horse. But Hambletonian, a very muscular bay with well-formed hind legs, became the foundation sire of the strain of trotting horses bearing his name. The Hambletonian Association, formed in 1923 to promote trotting races, offered a stake for three-year-old trotters. Named for Rysdyk's horse and inaugurated in 1926 in Syracuse, N.Y., the Hambletonian is the sport's most prestigious event. The Colt was a hambletonian - a particular strain of American trotting horses. The strain was named after a 19th c. stallion - Hambletonian. The Ugly Duckling rides again!