Judy Cook, Folksinger

Good Times in the Army Boys

As Sung By Judy Cook

I'm a jolly young soldier, the truth I will tell;
I'll die for the lassie that bade me farewell,
And gave me a kiss, so fervent and true,
When I left her to fight for the red, white, and blue.

And it's good times, good times in the army, I say
And it's good times, good times in the army, I say

Our Uncle and Father, "Samuel and Abe,"
Are farmers by nature, and "Yankees" by trade,
Know just what we need, in clothing and food,
And furnish us plenty, and that which is good.

I know that the "Grumbler" - no soldier is he -
Complains of our clothing most bitterly;
And writes doleful letters, sets his friends in despair,
About nothing to eat and nothing to wear.

Our tents they are healthy, we breathe the fresh air;
We sleep, oh! so sweetly, free from all care,
And dream of our homes, all mirrored so bright-
In visions of splendor, our hearts to delight.

Our drilling and marching, is exercise good -
It gives us a relish for all kinds of food;
Crackers are pound-cakes, fat pork is veal,
And coffee, Catawba, tobacco we -- steal.

To sum up the whole, we've plenty to eat;
Plenty to wear, from our heads to our feet
And he who complains of clothing and grub,
Should be sent to his mama, and nicked "little bub."

There are some that want money, complain every day
And swear they'll desert if they don't get their pay,
But the good union soldier things "Sam" a good debtor,
And will fight without pay, if he cannot do better.

But I tell you the truth, should the Pay-master come
T'would be joy to the heart of Uncle Sam's son;
For money, you know has a right pretty look,
And nothing's so charming as a full pocket book;

The "Copperheads" North, are trying to bite --
Traitors, and Cowards! They never would fight,
But like their vile namesake, steal up in the rear,
And strike and retreat, and run like a deer,

But never mind, boys, in a very brief space,
We'll whip out the rebels, then "right-about-face,"
And march to our homes, t'will be mighty queer
If we don't soon dry up "the fire in the rear."