Judy Cook, Folksinger

Irish Jaunting Car

As Sung By Judy Cook

Music by Valentine Vousden.

1. Do you want a car, your honor? Och! sure that's the one for you.
It's an outside Irish jaunting car, just painted green and blue.
It belongs to Larry Doolan, and you'll have to travel far
To find a better driver of an Irish jaunting car.
The fare is fifteen pence, but as the distance isn't far,
I'll just say one and three pence, ma'am, so jump upon the car.

2. If you want to drive round Dublin, sure you'll find me on the stand.
I'll take you to Roheny to pick cockles on the strand,
To the Phoenix Park, to Nancy Hands, the Monument, and then
I'll take you to the Strawberry Beds, and back to town again.
Get some bread and beef and porter, and some whiskey in a jar?
That's the way to take your pleasure, on an Irish Jaunting Car.

3. Oh, then, if that car should speak, sir, sure a moral 'twould disclose!
It has carried Whigs and Tories, repealers and their foes,
Yet, it looks well by obliging all, and keeps me better far,
With my whip, my pipe, my pony, and my Irish Jaunting car.
So, if you want to hire me, call into Mr. Mahar,
And he'll send for Larry Doolan, and his Irish Jaunting Car.