Judy Cook, Folksinger

Lumberman's Alphabet NH

As Sung By Judy Cook

A is for Ax, as you very well know;
B is for Boys that use them just so,
C is for Chopping that soon will begin,
and D's for the Danger we always stand in

Sing Hi, Derry-o, so merry are we,
There’s no one one-half as happy as we.
With a Hi, Derry-o, Hi derry-dong,
At the woodman’s shanty there’s nothing goes wrong.

E is for Echoes that through the woods rang;
F is for foreman, the head of the gang,
G is for Grindstone that swiftly goes round,
And H is for Handle so smooth and so round.

I is for Iron, with which we mark pine,
J is for Jolly Boys, all in a line.
K is for Keen edge on axes we keep,
And L's for the Lice that over us creep.

M is for Moss we chink into our camps,
N's for the needle which mendeth our pants,
O is for Owls that hoot in the night,
And P's for the Pines that we always fall right

Q is for Quarrels, which we don’t have round,
R is for River, we drive our logs down;
S is for Sled, so stout and so strong,
And T's for the Team to draw it along

U is for Use, which we put our teams to,
V is the Valley we draw our sleds through,
W is the Woods we leave in the spring,
And now I have sung all I’m going to sing.

That’s all