Judy Cook, Folksinger

In Old Pod Auger Times

Author: Trad

Source: Vermont Songs - Flanders. Also appears in "Comical Brown's Songster" 1885. (William Brown)

Notes: From Vermont Folk-songs and Ballads, Flanders Collected by Mr. Brown, from singing of Mr. Almon Robinson West Wardsboro, VT 1930 Every age looks back to ?the good old days?. Even in the good old days, folks longed for a time 50 or 100 years earlier when things were different - and much better. Here is quite an old New England song called ?In Old Pod Auger Times?. It harks back to the days of Andrew Jackson (born in 1767. US Presiden 1829-37) . At that time, a tool called a pod auger was used to make wooden water pipes. James Grimes US senator from Iowa who served throughout the Civil War.