Judy Cook, Folksinger

Farmer's Daughter

As Sung By Judy Cook

One morning, one morning, one morning in May
I heard a fair damsel so sweetly did say
Sitting under a cow a-milking,
"Thank God I'll get married a-Sunday

Up stepped an old man and to her did say,
"Where is your wedding, oh where might it be?"
"Away down yonder, 'neath a green willow tree.
I'm fourteen years old, a-Sunday."

"Fourteen years old is too young to get married.
A maid at your age is too apt to get sorry.
Seven long years you still have to tarry.
Put off your wedding a-Sunday."

"Old man, old man, you're talking a skill!
Seven long years to serve against will.
And my mind I intend to fulfill
And I wish tomorrow were Sunday.

Yesterday I walked down in town
With a bunch of blue ribbon and a new sundown
To invite those ladies down in town
Up to my wedding a-Sunday.

My bonnet, my shawl lie there on the shelf
My sweetheart will be here before I get dressed
With a bunch of blue ribbons to tie round my waist
To fix me up neat against Sunday."

From the singing of William Harrison Burnett. Thanks to Julie Henigan for introducing me to this song.