Judy Cook, Folksinger

Cowboy's Soliloquy

Author: w. Allen McCandless - 1885

Source: Primary: Mark Gilston's 2001 Recording "It Would Sure Be a Miracle" "Cowboy and Western Songs: A Comprehensive Anthology" edited by Austin E Fife and Alta S. Fife p.331 Melody: Carl T. Sprague on Victor 21402. Text: "Kansas Cowboy" Dodge City, April 25, 1885 This has the minor key melody, though the words to the first part don't line up the way Mark Gilston (& I) sing them. Mark learned from the Sprague recording so I trust him. "Songs of the American West" Lingenfelter, Dwyer, Cohen. p.342 Music: Lomax(1910). Text: Allen McCandless in "Daily Advertiser (Trinidad, Colorado), April 9, 1885 Major key melody. Many variants listed "Old-Time Cowboy Songs" ed. Hal Cannon p. 30 Melody: Carl Sprague 1924 recording (minor key). Text: Allen McCanless(sic) "The Hell-Bound Train" Glenn Ohrlin p. 156 (major key) Third verse has words from Shakespeare's "As You Like It". Not surprising, especially in an older song, since the range cattle business attracted a good many well-educatd young men from the eastern US & Britain. Many a younger son was packed off to Wyoming and Colorado to learn the business and get a start in life.