Judy Cook, Folksinger

Last Thing On My Mind

As Sung By Judy Cook

It's a question too late for the asking
I don't know, I don't know
In the blink of an eye my thoughts are passing
Where'd they go? Where'd they go?

cho: Thoughts are going away with no word of farewell
Will there be one idea left behind
I used to be a genius, but now today I find
Don't know what was the last thing on my mind

As I walk down the hall, try to remember
Where I'm bound, where I'm bound.
I need to call-no-Where's my sandwich?
In the blender! Turning round, round and round.

Gave 'em reasons a-plenty for goin'
This I know, this I know,
Jim Beam, Ripple, Boon's Farm, weed a-blowin'
Why'd I blow? There they go!

As I lie in my bed deep in slumber
I construe, cerebrate anew.
At my desk, I can only sit and wonder.
Not a clue, not a clue.