Judy Cook, Folksinger

How To Make Love

Author: Words by Frank Luther, music by

Source: How to Make Love Mark Gilston got this fine song of detailed advice from an old 78rpm recording he found in a friend???s library. It was probably the Southern Moonlight Entertainers; the three Rainey brothers from Coal Creek, TN who recorded it in 1930.

Notes: Words by Frank Luther, music by Carson J. Robison, ??1928* As recorded by Frank Luther and His Pards, on Edison Diamond Disc 52532L (1929) Other early recordings were made by:Bud & Joe Billings, 1928; Carson Robison, 1929; There is no author given in the notes to 'Times Ain't Vol 1', only info on the Southern Moonlight Entertainers. Meade et alia 'Country Music Sources' give no author, but give a reference to pp 160-62 Lillian Gladys Crabtree 'Songs and Ballads Sung in Overton County, Tennessee: A Collection' (MA thesis George Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn, 1936). If you can track down that reference, it may give an author but, if so, it is strange that Meade did not indicate it. The first recording was by Frank Luther in November 1928, Carson Robison recorded it several times beginning in December 1928 and the Southern Moonlight Entertainers recorded it in April 1930 [issued in August 1930 as Vo 5440]. You could try contacting Dr Charles Wolfe through the Tennessee Folklore Society. Southern Moonlight Entertainers, 1930