Judy Cook, Folksinger

Maid on the Shore

Author: trad

Source: Maude Karpeles,"" Folk Songs from Newfoundland,?? Archon Books, 1970, as sung by Mr. James Day at Fortune Harbour Newfoundland, Canada, 2nd Oct., 1929. Additional lyrics from Roberts & Barrand (John Roberts/Tony Barrand,"" Dark Ships in the Forest, Folk Legacy Records, 1977)

Notes: Malcolm Laws "American Balladry from British Broadsides" lists American versions of this British Broadside from ME, MO, Nfld, PA, NS, OR, and IL.  I use the tune and most of the words that Maude Karpeles collected from Mr. James Day at Fortune Harbour, Nfld, 2nd Oct 1929.  I've added lyrics from a number of other sources, notably from the singing of John Roberts and Tony Barrand on their "Dark Ships in The Forest" Folk Legacy Recording.