Judy Cook, Folksinger

Titanic (God Moved on the Water)

As Sung By Judy Cook

chorus: God moved on the water
April the 14th day
God moved on the water
Everybody had to run and pray.

Titanic left Southampton
With all her sport and games
But when she struck that iceberg
You know their minds were changed

Mothers told their daughters
On a pleasure trip they might go
But when she struck that iceberg
They never were seen no more

Carpathia gave them a warning
Captain Smith would not take heed
Instead of heeding the warning
He ran with the greatest of speed

One man, John Jacob Astor
A man of pluck and brain
When he saw the ship was a-sinking
Women and children he tried to save

He kissed his wife for the last time
When the boiler it did explode
He helped her down in the lifeboat
Saying, “I never will see you no more”

The story of that shipwreck
Almost too sad to tell
One thousand and six hundred
Went down forever to dwell

The fourteenth day of April
Nineteen hundred and twelve
Titanic had a wreck with the iceberg
She went down forever to dwell.