Judy Cook, Folksinger

Mark Twain: An American Life

We tell the life story of America’s great writer and speaker Mark Twain through excerpts from his writings, relevant songs of the time, and projected images. Excerpts from Twain’s autobiography, his letters, and his books. Tunes of the time and songs written and sung during Twain’s lifetime. Projected photos of the day, works of art, and lyrics of the choruses. The audience is invited to join in the singing. The songs and tunes include both well-known and unfamiliar gems. The themes are timeless: joy and sorrow, humor, courage and love. Each song and tune helps to tell Mark Twain’s story. The story is told in the words of the people of the day: the writers of the songs and Mark Twain himself. The audience is transported to Mark Twain’s America and learn the story of his life in a very personal, eye-witness experience.

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17 Songs

Bayou Sara Source Lyrics
Blue Tail Fly Source Lyrics
Captain With His Whiskers, The Source Lyrics Recordings
Come Take a Trip in My Airship Source Lyrics
Come Write Me Down Source Lyrics
Cradle's Empty, Baby's Gone Source Lyrics
Days of 49 Source Lyrics Recordings
Farmer's Curst Wife Source Lyrics Recordings
Glendy Burk Source Lyrics Recordings
Grandfather's Clock Source Lyrics Recordings
Hard Times Come Again No More Source Lyrics Recordings
Poverty Knock Source Lyrics
Shingling the Rum Sellers Roof Source Lyrics
Skedaddling Song Source Lyrics
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Source Lyrics Recordings
The Boaster Source Lyrics
Zebra Dun Source Lyrics Recordings