Judy Cook, Folksinger

Songs From the Mountains

Songs that traveled from Britain to the mountains of America. Through years of oral transmission there, they were influenced by the landscape and by folks from other countries who settled or passed through. The ancient ballads are fairy tales for adults with their implied warnings against jealousy, injudicious alliances, or complacency with nature. Yet they are often expressed with a lively good humor. Many variants of traditional British ballads go back to medieval times. There are powerful narratives and delightful nonsense chorus songs. It's a great mixture. Relevant photos, works of art, and lyrics of the choruses. The audience is invited to join in the singing.

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19 Songs

Bangum and the Boar (Sir Lionel) Source Lyrics Recordings
Barbara Ellen (Barbara Allen) Source Lyrics Recordings
Bill Hopkins' Colt Source Lyrics Recordings
Captain With His Whiskers, The Source Lyrics Recordings
Celebrated Working Man, A Source Lyrics
Crying Family, The Source Lyrics Recordings
Dear Companion Source Lyrics Recordings
Farmer's Curst Wife Source Lyrics Recordings
Farmer's Daughter Source Lyrics
In Old Pod Auger Times Source Lyrics Recordings
Lumberman's Alphabet NH Source Lyrics
My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountain Source Lyrics
On Top Of Old Smokey Lyrics Recordings
Once More A-Lumbering Go Source Lyrics
Pretty Crowing Chicken (Grey Cock) Source Lyrics Recordings
Springfield Mountain NH Source Lyrics
The Foolish Boy (Swapping Song) Source Lyrics
Waterbound Source Lyrics
Weeping Willow Tree Source Lyrics Recordings