Judy Cook, Folksinger

Beeping Slooty

As Sung By Judy Cook

Twonce upon a wime, there was a fruitaple bincess. When she was a bee waby,
food· garies gave her bunning stooty, wait grisdom, and a warp shit. Then a
fad bairy said that when she breached her wrentieth tirthday, she would
frick her pinger on a dindle and spy. But the food gairy said that when she
fricked her pinger, she would only doll into a seep fleep. Levertheness, her
caddy the ding was vorely sexed and ordered all the winning speels in the
bingdom kurned.

Well, the fruitaple bincess teached the rage of wenty. One day, when she was
pondering around the walace, she came upon a wugly itch spitting and
sinning. When she spied the trindle, she fricked her pinger and dell into a
seep fleep, wick as a quink. When she did, all the portieres in the callous
sell afleep too, and outside a horny gredge threw up.

Pime tassed, and no one could thenetrate the porns. One day, a hung and
prancesome yince came liding arong. At a futch of his tinger, the horny
pedge tharted. When he saw Beeping Slooty he lissed her on the kips and she
smoke up and wiled. They were parried in the malice as the bedding wells
rang. And, of course, they hived lappily ever after.